How to Get from Split to Dubrovnik by Bus, Car, Plane or Boat

The travelers often face the dilemma how to travel from Split to Dubrovnik. It’s one of the most frequent questions, travelers usually ask me.

Your trip to Croatia will not be complete without visiting both cities. Split and Dubrovnik are Croatia’s classic destinations.

What’s the distance between two cities? The land distance is about 229 km (142 miles). No matter if you are getting first to Split or to Dubrovnik, the distance between these two cities can be crossed in a number of different ways.

It all depends how much time you have available and how you are planning to get to Split or to Dubrovnik, if you are traveling from Dubrovnik first.

If you have asked me this question few years years ago, the way to get to Dubrovnik from Split or vice versa, would be limited to only two means of transport – by ferry or by car (bus).

The old ferry route n° 101 from Rijeka to Dubrovnik with docking at Split, Hvar (Stari Grad) and Korcula, is just a pleasant memory. Since 2014 this connection has been definitely abolished.

Split To Dubrovnik By Car

If you are getting to Croatia from Italy ( Bari – Dubrovnik or Ancona – Split) you’re probably traveling by car. In both case you have two driving options:

  • Driving along the coastal road indicated as D8 from Split via Omis, Makarska to Ploce (border Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina) and from there all the way to Dubrovnik. This is rather economic route, without toll charges.

Note: The distance is 212 km (132 miles). The coastal road is probably the slowest option but the more rewarding offering breathtaking views. It will you take about 4 hours, including crossing into Bosnia-Herzegovina, ‘Neum corridor’. (Make sure you have the passport with you if needed).

  • The second option will be taking partly highway E65 and D8 coastal road. This route is faster but the distance is 236 km with 87 km on motorways and it will take you about 3,5 hours.


From Split To Dubrovnik By Bus

This is definitely the cheapest and the most secure way of covering the distance between two cities. This is the most recommended the the cheapest way of traveling as the buses are very frequent with over 25 bus links daily

One way ticket price starts from 99 to 130 Kuna while for round trip you will pay from 156 Kuna to 182 Kuna. I recommend my partner Autotrans company. Booking online you save additional 5% on a ticket price. They have special prices for children 5-10 years old, for students and over 60 travelers.

Split To Dubrovnik By Sea

This is certainly the most natural way to get to Dubrovnik or the other way around, the most exciting and most scenic way, particularly for those deciding on island hoping, visiting different islands and buying separate ferry (catamaran) tickets.

Certainly is not the fastest way but in little more than four hours from Split, hopping between four different Dalmatian island, will be definitely a memorable trip.

The only fast catamaran (only passengers) run by private owned maritime company ‘Krilo Jesenice‘ connects Split and Dubrovnik, stopping at four islands (Brac, Hvar, Korcula, Mljet, Dubrovnik).

Split ferry port may sometimes look as the most chaotic place in Split if you don’t know how to find your way to your ferry destination. I hope the image below will help you where catamarans leave from Split harbor. (The address is Obala Lazareta.)

To Dubrovnik In 45 Minutes by Plane

It isn’t a joke but you can get from Split downtown to Dubrovnik in 45 minutes flights by European Coastal Airlines seaplanes . Below is the map of ACA starting point in Split harbor. In this moment this company hasn’t confirmed any flights in 2018.

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