These Are the Best Beaches in Trogir, Croatia

Trogir is a unique spot in Croatia and even though you have to spend some time on the small island connecting the continent with the Ciovo island, you’re most likely there for the beaches. And fortunately, Trogir has plenty of amazing beaches that we’ll talk about in today’s article.

Most of Trogir’s beaches are scattered along the coastal line from the Marine on the West all the way to the actual Trogir town.

The most beautiful beaches in the region are on the island of Ciovo and on two small islands of Drvenik Mali and Veli.

Their main advantage is the proximity to the Split airport. Actually, they are just 30 minutes away from the airport, so you’re ready to dive into the crystal clear waters around Trogir as soon as you land in Croatia!

We talked about the best beaches in Split in a previous article, but I personally prefer those for being less crowded and more beautiful.

I will split the article into two categories to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, based on the place you’ll be – we’ll start first with the continental side (top Trogir beaches), but also recommend a series of amazing beaches on the island of Ciovo where you will find the real gems!

Top Trogir Beaches

top beaches trogir

With these things in mind, let’s just check out the best beaches in Trogir. It’s easy to move from one to another and it’s worth checking them all out if you spend a few days in the city – this way, you can choose you personal favorite.

Pantan beach

This popular beach is a stone throw’s away from the Split Airport – which makes it a bit farther away from Trogir itself.

pantana beach trogir

The Pantan beach is an ideal spot for families with children and those who love beach sports. It is a 500 meters long gravel and sand beach with pine-tree wood on the eastern side for a nice natural shade.

Due to the proximity to the airport, you will have planes passing over every now and then, bringing in some extra noise but it’s not like they’re flying over every minute, so it’s still enjoyable.

It is also not too crowded even in high season, so you will always have a spot under the sun to enjoy the beach itself and the amazing water.

To reach this beach, take bus N° 37 from the Trogir bus station to Split and exit at the second station, then walk for 200 meters and turn right where you will see the sign pointing you to the beach.

The beach also has a nice beach bur on the premise, directly on the beach itself – so you can easily stock up on cold drinks, ice cream or some snacks.

The area around the beach is a protected natural resort with the wonderful Pantan Mills on the north side of the beach.

Medena beach

Medena Beach lies along the Seget Donji, a small location on the western side of Trogir, only 4 Km from the Trogir center.

medena beach croatia

It is a 3 Km long gravel beach surrounded by old pine-woods, offering various sport facilities like Water Sport Center, tennis courts, football & basketball courts, beach volleyball and water-slide.

There are also children’s playgrounds to keep the younger ones entertained if the water itself is not enough.

This popular beach is a part of Hotel Medena, which is a great place to spend your vacation if you don’t want to be directly in Trogir (which is some 4 kilometers away).

To reach Medena Beach from Trogir, take the bus from the Bus Station towards Medena Hotel or drive for 4 km to the west from Trogir in direction of Seget Donji.

Have in mind that this beach does tend to get a bit crowded during the high season but not to the point of being unpleasant.

Seget Vranjica – Trogir Beaches

Traveling further west following the main coastal road (D 8), will find yourself at the Seget Vranjica peninsula bay which has several beautiful beaches around. There is natural shade all around the bay so it’s a very relaxing location.

belvedere beach trogir

I recommend one main beach, my favorite, which is a gravel beache with cafe bars and restaurants in the bay and trees aplenty for shade.

Belvedere Beach is on the other side of the Seget Vranjica peninsula to the main bay and has a very pleasant promenade along the sea edge with little coves, swimming spots, cafe bars, restaurants, water sports (windsurfing, jet ski’s, boat hire) and a water taxi line to the Trogir Old Town.

It’s not every day that you can take a water taxi, so definitely take advantage for a new experience!

Marina Beach

Marina village is situated in the bay of Trogir, 8km from the Trogir center. Its most distinctive monument is the old fortress “Kula” in the village center, used in the past for defense against invaders, now renovated into a nice hotel.

pralisce beach croatia

It is a tourist village with a sandy beach shaded by olive and pine trees, which can get a bit crowded during the peak season, but it is extremely beautiful. You know how difficult it is to find those fine sand beaches in Croatia!

Called Pralisce Beach, it will definitely amaze you and help you fall in love with Croatia if you haven’t done so already.

Alternately, to the other end of the village, you can find an equally charming sandy beach, the Tunjara. It is just as beautiful and the water is amazing – but there is no natural shade available. Plenty of room for umbrellas though!

Top Ciovo beaches (Trogir)

If I am to be honest, the most beautiful Trogir beaches are widespread on the island of Ciovo. On this island, one can find many kinds of beaches, from sandy, pebble to rocky, from popular to deserted beaches. And all are amazing, so let’s check them out!

Slatine beach

On the eastern side of Ciovo island, there is a small village called Slatine, which is a very popular destination for those living in Split (and not only).

kava beach trogir
Amazing water for a complete, perfect experience

There are more beaches in the area, but the best one is by far the Kava sandy beach, on t he far east corner of the Ciovo island.

It is a bit further away from the Trogir center – some 12km away – but it’s worth spending the time and resources to get there. this is one of the real natural beauties, located in pristine nature.

Have in mind that you’re going to travel over some 4 kilometers of unpaved road from Slatine village to this beach, but trust me when I say that it’s worth it.

Of course, there are no beach facilities like bars, so it is wise to bring some personal drinks and snacks if you plan a longer stay. Instead, you’ll get few people around you, great water and amazing views.

Okrug Donji and Gornji beaches

Okrug Gornji and Donji (Upper and Lower) are two small villages, located on the west side of the Ciovo island. Both villages are very close to Trogir town, reachable by car crossing the bridge between Trogir and Ciovo.

Also, during the summer, there is a regular boat from Okrug Gornji to Trogir, leaving every hour. Hop on at the small harbor in the Okrug and get off in Trogir at the end of the main Trogir Riva (or vice-versa).

I warmly recommend you to go by boat from Trogir to Okrug Gornji if you want to avoid the traffic jam on Trogir bridge. The price is approximately 2 Euro.

Once here, you have the next options:

Copacabana – Okrug Gornji beach

The best known and most popular beaches in Trogir is considered so for all the right reasons. Only 3 km from the historic town, on the south side of Ciovo Island, it stretches over 2 kilometers and offers visitors amazing views. It’s a pebble beach also known as the Okrug Copacabana.

copacabana beach trogir

The vast number of beach bars and a few restaurants keeps this place alive until late at night. There is a water-sport center with complete water sports offer for your active summer day and the entire area itself is lively and vibrant.

Kava beach in Okrug Donji

Okrug Donji is only 5 km from Okrug Gornji. It’s reachable by car in 10 minutes. And once you get here, make sure not to miss out on the Kava Beach (same name as the one near Slatine, recommended above!)

kava beach okrug

This is a beautiful pebble beach where the sea is calm and the sun can be shaded easily by the nearby pine tree forest. Due to these reasons, it is also a solid option for families with children,

This beach is also relatively secluded and pretty quiet – but it’s also one without any bars or restaurants nearby – not even loungers to rent.

So while it’s not for everybody, it’s definitely a good choice for those who prefer the more natural way of dealing with things.

The beach is accessible by car, scooter or bike. At the entrance to the beach there is a nice free parking – so you’ve got that working for you, at least!

Mavrascica – The white beach

On the south side of the island Ciovo, situated just south of Okrug Gornji, in the Mavarstica bay, you will find a long pebble beach called the White Beach. And it’s one of the best in the area!

You fill find crystal-clear water here and since the beach is long, it won’t be as crowded. Or at least it will be easier for you to find a perfect spot, maybe shaded by the nearby pine trees. Either way, this beach is a real heaven for those who want to relax in peace.

There are no facilities on this beach either and have in mind that it can only be reached by foot. Also, some 1 kilometer away from this beach, you can find one dedicated to naturists.

You can check out all the Central Dalmatia nudist beaches in this article.

Konoba Duga Beach

On the eastern side of the island of Ciovo, between Okrug Gornji and Okrug Donji, overlooking the island Fumija stands the famous beach Duga. Konoba Duga Beach is the beach directly underneath one of my favorite taverns, Django.

Take a swim in the clear turquoise water and then head on up for lunch. The restaurant here is a local gem, offering simple dishes made from delicious ingredients and serving excellent local wine.

The beach is some 7 kilometers away from Trogir town and it’s accessible by car, scooter or bike. It is peaceful and quiet, shaded beautifully by a line of green olive trees.


As you say, in the Trogir area, there are lots of amazing beaches for you to try. The total number of beaches is impressive but if you decide to follow my recommendations and only stick to the ones above, you will still be extremely pleased.

You don’t even have to visit them all! Just choose one that is closest to your location and enjoy the summer!

Thanks for sharing this article!

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