The Best Spots for Windsurfing in Croatia

Croatia is a great place for practicing windsurfing, thanks to the reliable winds such as the Bura (Bora), Maestral (Mistral), and Jugo (South), which cater to both beginners and seasoned windsurfers alike.

The Mistral, known locally as Maestral, is particularly favorable for windsurfers. This daily northwestern wind arises from the temperature differences between the mainland and the sea, and is prevalent during summer months – which is most likely the time when you will be in Croatia.

In Croatia, there are plenty of attractive summer resorts for practicing this sport, and I am listing them below:

  • Brac Island: One of the best spots I recommend for windsurfing.
  • Korcula Island: More challenging conditions for the experienced surfers.
  • Krk Island: The perfect place for beginners and veterans, featuring diverse wind conditions.
  • Peljesac Peninsula: Consistent winds, and probably the longest windsurfing season.
  • Pula, Istria: Not only rich in history but also in windsurfing spots.

Now, let me tell you more about each of these locations, including actual spots for windsurfing – and everything else you should know.

Brac Islands: Bol Town Windsurfing

best windsurfing spot in Croatia

For those seeking an active vacation filled with sports, recreation, and the energy of youthful company, Bol town on the island of Brac is the place to be.

Bol is an internationally renowned surfers’ destination and I personally consider it the most beautiful place to go surfing on the Adriatic.

Activities center around Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape), Croatia’s most stunning beach and a prime launch point for both wind and kite surfers. For beginners passionate about learning windsurfing, the beach also has an active windsurfing school.

The summer months bring the Mistral wind, notably strong in the channel between the islands of Hvar and Brac.

This wind appears each afternoon, providing excellent conditions for surfing. Mornings typically start with a Levante (Levanat) wind, a gentler breeze perfect for novices to practice before the stronger Maestral sets in by afternoon.

Istria Peninsula: Porec, Premantura, Pula

The Istria Peninsula also offers some great spots for windsurfing enthusiasts in Croatia. Out of them all, I like Porec the most – but you will be surprised with other options that I will cover below.

During the summer, Poreč enjoys the consistent Maestral wind, which is perfect for both beginners and more advanced windsurfers. I recommend this activity below, which is perfect for beginners:

For the more adventurous and experienced surfers, the spring and autumn months can offer more intense winds such as the Bura and Jugo in the entire peninsula.

The Bura wind in Premantura, blowing directly towards land, is notably safer here than in other locations. Should any mishaps occur, it tends to carry windsurfers back to shore, reducing the risk of accidents.

Premantura, located at the southern tip of the Istria Peninsula, offers an ideal setting for windsurfing, making it a top choice for those seeking an active vacation in a distinctive landscape, with options also in the largest city in the region – Pula.

Pelješac Peninsula: Viganj

windsurfing with mountains in the background

Viganj is a village located in the west of the Peljesac Peninsula in southern Dalmatia, just opposite of Korcula island. The channel between Peljesac peninsula and Korcula island has always been very popular for wind and kite surfing.

Starting from April, there is a local center that offers a variety of courses ranging from beginner to expert levels. Lessons are available in multiple languages including English, German, Croatian, Slovenian, Polish, and Czech.

Pelješac Peninsula: Korčula Island

Korčula Town is another top location for windsurfing in Croatia. Its position ensures a regular flow of the Maestral (Mistral) wind through the Pelješac and Korčula channels, creating perfect conditions for the sport.

For newcomers eager to learn windsurfing, there are several schools around Korčula offering lessons.

Jadrija, Šibenik

In Jadrija, a lesser known resort near Šibenik, windsurfers can experience a full range of winds, making it a superb location for the sport in Croatia.

During the spring and autumn, you’ll encounter the strong Bura and a moderate Jugo wind. Come summer, the Maestral wind provides excellent conditions for windsurfing.

The presence of several islands in front of Jadrija creates a safe environment for windsurfers of all skill levels.

Punat and Baška (Island of Krk)

windsurfing board close-up

The Island of Krk is another fantastic windsurfing destination in Croatia, with options suitable for various skill levels in Baška and Punat.

Baška village faces more challenging conditions due to the Bura (Bora north wind), which blows directly towards it from the town of Senj.

The wind speeds can reach up to 27 to 30 knots, and waves may rise up to 1.5 meters, creating extreme conditions suitable for professional windsurfers on short boards.

On the other hand, Punat offers a quieter and calmer bay, ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers.

Here, the Bura wind blows with medium strength, and the sea remains smooth, free from waves, providing a more forgiving environment for those honing their skills.

Other places for windsurfing in Croatia

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To round things up, there are many other places where you will find good conditions for windsurfing in the country. While the ones mentioned above are the best in my opinion, you can also practice the sport in:

  • Pag Island – Known for its lunar landscape and strong bora and maestral winds, it is also a good place to practice windsurfing in Croatia.
  • Nin, Zadar Area – Nin’s long, shallow sandy lagoon is perfect for beginners, although the winds are not as reliable.
  • Hvar Island – Although known for its nightlife, Hvar and its great beaches is also a great windsurfing location due to the regular maestral wind during the summer.

Do you know of any other great spots for windsurfing here? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

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