The Best Spots for Windsurfing in Croatia

No sport other than windsurfing in Croatia can give you the unbeatable feeling of being out in the open, gliding smoothly over beautiful, clear Adriatic sea waters.

It’s one of the most amazing water sports. It combines the thrills of surfing, the tranquility of sailing, and puts you in touch with nature.

Conditions for windsurfing along the Croatia’s coast are more than ideal. The winds like the Bura (Bora), Maestral (Mistral) and Jugo (South) are ideal for enjoying windsurfing whether they are beginners or experienced surfers.

The most friendly wind for windsurfers is Mistral (Maestral in Croatian). Mistral is a daily wind blowing from the northwest and created by the differences in temperature between the mainland and sea. It’s a typical summer wind.

In Croatia there are several attractive summer resorts for this sport, situated on the islands of Brac, Korcula, Krk, Peljesac peninsula and Pula in Istria.

Best Destinations Of Windsurfing in Croatia

Bol town, channel between Hvar and Brac islands

If you wish active holidays full of sports, recreation and the company of young people, come to Bol, island of Brac. Bol is an internationally famous surfers’ destination and generally the most beautiful place to go surfing on the Adriatic.

Everything happens just near the most beautiful Croatian beach, Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape), the starting point for wind or kite surfers. On the beach there is active windsurfing school for all those eager to learn the first steps of this attractive activity.

During the summer period, in the channel between the islands of Hvar and Brac blows maestral (Mistral) wind that is stronger on this side of the coast than anywhere else, and that appears every afternoon almost without exception.

Usually everything starts with a levante (Levanat) wind (a calm morning wind) ideal for learning and practice that turns into the favorable Maestral (Mistral) in the afternoon.

Windsurfing in Croatia – Viganj, Peljesac peninsula

Viganj is a village located in the west of the Peljesac peninsula in southern Dalmatia, just opposite of Korcula island. The channel between Peljesac peninsula and Korcula island has been always very popular wind and kite surfing, since the seventies when some German tourists have introduced the first surfing boards.

Since than, Viganj has become the top surfing center with Windsurfing and Kite-surfing center Water Donkey, for every level of kite surfing and windsurfing enthusiasts.

The center opens from April and offers variety of courses for every level, from the total beginner to expert. All lessons are offered in several languages, English, German, Croatian, Slovenian, Polish, Czech.

For those who have already experience with windsurfing or kite-surfing, the Water Donkey center also offers sails and board rentals. The center is fully equipped with all the equipment for wind or kite-surfing.

Windsurfing on Korcula island

Korcula town is also famous spot for windsurfing in Croatia. Thanks to its favorable position and regular wind maestral (Mistral) that blows in Peljesac and Korcula channel,
no other sport in Korcula can give you unbeatable feeling of being out in the open sea.

If you are new to windsurfing and would like to learn or try you can take a lessons on few places in and around Korcula.

Jadrija, Sibenik windsurfing

Jadrija, a resort near Sibenik, you can experience a whole spectrum of different winds for windsurfing in Croatia. During spring and autumn you will “catch” a strong bura and a medium Jugo wind, and in the summer maestral will create excellent conditions for windsurfing.

Due to several islands in front of Jadrija, it is safe to windsurf so all windsurf lovers can practice their sport regardless of their level of knowledge or skill. If you are new to windsurfing and would like to learn while you are on holidays than contact:

  • ‘Mali Viganj’ is the windsurfing school which is located on Jadrija near Sibenik. Visit their Facebook page to get more info!

Punat and Baska (Island of Krk)

The island of Krk is definitely a good place to windsurf in Croatia. Depending on your surfing skills you can choose between two locations, Baska and Punat.

Baska village is more exposed to the Bura (Bora north wind), a strong wind that blows directly towards Baska from Senj town. (Bora wind tends to blow in Senj). Read more about bura wind!

As the wind speed often reaches up to 27 to 30 notches, and the waves rise up to 1,5 m Baska beaches have more extreme conditions for windsurfing on short boards for professionals.

Punat is a more quiet and calm bay that is more suitable for beginners and middle-experienced surfers because bura blows with medium strength, and the sea is smooth without any waves.

Windsurfing in Croatia – Prematura, Pula, Istria

Prematura is a perfect destination for windsurfing in Croatia for those who want an active vacation in a unique environment.

In Premantura, which is the most outer part of Istria peninsula, a pleasant southeastern wind blows in summer suitable for beginners, while Bura and strong Jugo winds blow in the fall and springtime.

Because of the favorable blowing direction of the wind (directly towards land), Bura in Premantura is not dangerous because it will bring you directly to the shore in case of an accident.

Jugo wind, on the other hand, causes waves as big as 2 or 3 meters because of the shallowness of the sea which makes Prematura to a well-known wave spot. During those times you can surf big waves on short boards.

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