Best Restaurants in Zagreb, Croatia (Vegan Restaurants Included)

There are many Zagreb restaurants in Upper or Lower town and in its close surroundings serving both national and international cuisine.

In the spring and summer you can dine in many outdoor restaurants. Most of the restaurants are open until 23:00 or midnight.

Prices are very reasonable for the quality they offer. You can have a good pizza from 10 to 20 Kuna (without or with a drink) or a simple three-course meal with a glass of wine for about 110 Kuna per person.

Below there is a list of some most popular restaurants in Zagreb but if you have your own story about any particular restaurant, you are welcome to submit your review here. I look forward to your comments and story that might help other travelers to find a good and cheap restaurant in Zagreb.

Zagreb restaurants – Eyes and palate feast


One of the best restaurants in town for local Croatian cuisine. It’s on walking distance from the Cathedral and the central Jelacic square. It offers very pleasant ambiance, decorated in traditional but elegant style.

If you opt for meat menu than don’t miss a fantastic selection of veal cutlets and pork fillets from the grill.

The gastronomic offer is extended to another two facilities, Gaspar fish restaurant (fresh fish is delivered daily from the island of Hvar and Vis) and wine bar Melchior, offering excellent local and international wines.

Baltazar is not the cheapest restaurant, compared to Zagreb standards, but definitely offers delicious food with great service.

Stari Fijaker

If you are looking for typical local food, the owners of Stari Fiaker (Old Coach) are proud to point out they prepare literally only domestic meals, from meat to pastry, pie, noodles, strudel, cheese pie and others delicacies of the best and proved quality.

Restaurant interior with tables with red-heart tablecloths on, walls with the pictures of old Zagreb, hanging cute tiny models of carriages makes ‘Old Coach’ nowadays rather rare example of what pretty much every traditional Croatian restaurant used to look like.

It’s located in the center of Zagreb, only 5 minutes away from the main city square, Jelacic square. Stari Fijaker is sort of a cult place, where you can enjoy the old fashioned style of the restaurant with many authentic dishes on the menu.

Restaurant prices are very reasonable. For example, a lunch for two, including soup, main course (roast turkey with pasta “Mlinci” , strudel 25 Kuna, local beer and coffee, will cost you from 280 to 300 Kuna (38 € or 42 $).

La Struk

This is a totally original and unique restaurant. As its name suggests, this restaurant offers ‘strukli’ in different ways, and besides them – nothing else! It’s one of the most frequent visited among Zagreb restaurants mostly by foreign tourists. It’s located at the bottom of the Skalinska (stairways) street, just below the Zagreb Cathedral.

What are ‘strukli’? The simplest definition is, a kind of dough. If you ask me what is the specialty here in Zagreb: then ‘štrukli’ is the only answer.

Strukle, also known as strukli and struklji, are made of puff pastry filled with a mixture of fresh cottage cheese. It can be prepared as a salty or sweet dish, it can be boiled or baked, and it can be served as a soup, starter, dessert, main dish or a simple meal.

If you are not sure when to to eat štrukli, follow a simple formula: 2 for starter + 3 for lunch + 2 for desert. My advice will be – when in Zagreb, try ‘štrukli’.


Not far from Tkalciceva street, Nokturno restaurant is offering a huge selection of pizzas, lasagnas and pasta dishes plus an excellent salad bar. It has outdoor seating as well, in Bavarian style.

Considering that you are in the heart of Zagreb this is a good place to eat something. They serve a wide range of dishes at really reasonable prices. You can eat pizza for about 6 Euros.

It may look like only for tourist restaurant but considering a great food, low prices and a great location, Nokturno is one of the best Zagreb restaurants. Sometimes the outside terrace is overcrowded, so it can be tricky to find free table.


If you search for Vinodol restaurant at, it scores very high – n°19 of 695 Zagreb restaurants at the moment of writing this article.

Situated just a stone throw away from the central square (Jelacic), at Teslina 10 street, this restaurant is one of the most popular places in Zagreb.

It has a typical Mediterranean and international menu, but their specialty is a veal or lamb baked under iron lid ‘peka’ with potatoes to to make the meat very tender. For the price of 84 Kuna is the best meat meal I had, last time I was there.

This restaurant has a very warm and inviting interior but depending of the season, don’t miss to eat at spacious outdoor terrace. In few words, it offers a great food and the best location.

Dubravkin Put

If you decide for this restaurant, the first impression is that this is the most beautiful among Zagreb restaurants and one of the most attractive in Croatia.

Another restaurant located between the Upper Town and the Tuskanac woods, with a beautiful terrace will be probably the best place for gastronomic activity and Zagreb’s top address for seafood connoisseurs.

Seafood remains the kitchen’s strong point but this restaurant has rather high prices. Three courses for two, with a glass of wine can hardly go below 500 Kuna (66 Euro or 74 USA $).

The restaurant boasts a large selection of wines all brands, domestic and international. If you are in a hurry, there is also an attractive bar with bar tables and chairs provided for a quick meal and a glass of wine.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Zagreb

Zrno Bio Bistro

If you are looking for a vegan organic food in Zagreb you should visit this place. This is the first 100% organic vegan restaurant in Zagreb and Croatia.

All ingredients are delivered every morning directly from the first Croatian eco estate, 55 km from Zagreb in the small Habjanovec village.

Just picked vegetables, freshly made tofu and seitan and warm unleavened bread from their bakery, coming into the kitchen of the bistro to find their place in the food you choose.

Everything here is organic. Organic coffee, organic wine, organic beer, tea, juice, smoothie or shake. Even prices are moderate. If I add a nice staff than this is the place to get a tasty vegan meal in Zagreb.

Vincek Pastry Shop

It’s not another of Zagreb restaurants but at Ilica 18,the most famous Zagreb street you should visit Vincek pastry shop originating from Viennese and old Zagreb master pastry and cake chefs traditions.

Which flavor would you like to try out the most? A traditional pastry made by Viennese masters, a creamy fruit delicacy, or perhaps a chocolate cream-filled cake? Apart from making traditional cakes, Vincek develops new types of flavor, modern lighter creams, and various fruit and diet cakes.

Vincek has been using quality ways to make famous international types of cakes such as Schwarzwald, Sacher, Tiramisu and others.

I have not forgotten a great ice cream, the best in the city. Ice creams are freshly made every day and contain lots of fresh fruit and fruit preparations, as well as other valuable ingredients such as walnut, hazelnut, chocolate and other attractive ingredients, ranging in more than 40 different flavors.

There are several Vincek pastry shops around Zagreb, but the one in Ilica street is always so busy and crowded but worth waiting.

Best Restaurants in Zagreb for Traditional Cuisine

No matter which region of Croatia you intend to visit, each of them has its own specific delicious dishes, you will regret it if you do not try. Any region you visit in Croatia, you’ll find how Croatian cuisine was influenced by different countries in the past.

The best way to try personally some specialties of Croatian cuisine, is to visit some oldest Zagreb restaurants. Dobar tek ! (good appetite)

Tip-Top Tavern

This is one of the oldest restaurants, located on one of the busiest city parts. Through history, this simply furnished tavern was a popular meeting points for a lot of bohemians and members of the literary, cultural Zagreb scene.

One of the most well-known among them was a Croatian poet Tin Ujevic. (his photo is still present there). During the day visitors can enjoy a wide selection of daily prepared meals such as fish, meat, risotto, and pasta. You can choose between three meals every day for reasonable prices.

Purger Gostionica

Located in Petrinjska 33 street, Purger has opened its door in 1932. Since then it has been creating tasty traditional Croatian food. Good time for visiting this place is during spring and summer since it has nice big green terrace where it can accommodate large groups, far away from the city traffic.

But if you decide to come during the winter they serve plenty of food to warm you up. Here you can find a number of stews, grilled dishes, and pastries for dessert. The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant is deserved also by friendly staff and rather reasonable prices.

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